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The Process

Purpose + Quality + Reach = Impact

1. Discovery & Strategy Session 🎯

Our process starts with a Discovery Meeting. We want to deep dive into your business to learn who you are, how you help your clients, and where you’re wanting your business to go next. Whether your top priority is increasing sales, getting more or better leads, recruiting talented employees, or just saving time, we can help, but a successful content strategy must start with ‘why’. After the discovery, we will create a proposal and collaborate with you to find the best path forward.

2. Pre-Production 📑

This is where the work starts! We will work with you to determine the best types of videos for your objectives, uncover the right messaging for those videos, and make a creative game plan to execute the rest of the content creation process.

3. Production & Post-Production 🎬

Lights! Camera! Action! First most people this is the fun part, where your vision finally starts to come to life. Our team will break out the lights, cameras, microphones, and support gear necessary to execute the filming process, then we’ll get to work in the edit room to bring the project to completion.

4. Distributing Your Content 📲

A powerful piece of content can’t do anything for you from your Desktop or your Dropbox. We will help you craft a distribution strategy to make sure the right people see the right content at the right time, and can even help distribute your content, whether to your website, social media, or through paid, targeted advertising.

Man Holding Camera

Recent Work

Schedule a Discovery Meeting

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This meeting will allow us to learn more about your business goals and to see if we would be a good fit to help you.
Find a time on our calendar that is convenient for you and we will look forward to speaking with you!

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